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  • Lotto007 Lottery Predict Software 2014  v. Prediction Expert 2014 Lottery Prediction Software help you predict next drawings numbers and provide you with drawings trend. The 2014 version supported the historical past drawings predict verification. Usually we will provide 8-16 number.
  • Gnome Predict  v. Predict or Gpredict is a satellite tracking program for Unix-like operating systems. In the begining (v. 0.1.x) Gpredict was just a GUI client to John Magliacanes excellent satellite tracking program, Predict, but due to performance problems it ...
  • PreDiCT VRE  v.1.0The EU preDiCT VRE project provided a portlet environment where cardiac simulation experiments can be run and related publication and experimental data can be stored and queried.
  • Predict BBTM using KNN in CellBE  v.1.0Basic implementation of K-nearest neighbour Algorithm and the application of KNN to classify protein sequences as transmembrane beta barrel or non-transmembrane beta barrel on the basis of whole sequence amino acid composition given as ...
  • Predict Satellites library  v.1.0This library compute earth satellites with Date, Position and TLEs( Three Lines Element).
  • Drive Health  v.2.5.180Drive Health is a Windows program that helps you to estimate your hard disks Life Resource. This tool allows you to predict possible HDD failures and prevent losing the critical data.
  • Circuitscape  v.3.5.7Circuitscape is a free, open-source program which borrows algorithms from electronic circuit theory to predict patterns of movement, gene flow, and genetic differentiation among plant and animal populations in heterogeneous landscapes.
  • PowerPlayer For Prediction 2014  v. For Prediction 2014 Lottery Software will help you predict the following sketches and provide you with sketches trend chart. The 2013 version supports historic sketches verification. Usually we'll offer 8-19 conjecture amounts.
  • Advanced SmartCheck  v.3.3Advanced SmartCheck 3.3 uses S.M.A.R.T. technology to monitor all networked PC's hard drives internal S.M.A.R.T. attributes, predict drive failure and prevent data loss. It lets you know about a potential disk health problem before you lose data.
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